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 At age 12 when I, Amazin' Walter (not called that by my mother) became interested in having a polaroid camera, I was launched into what was to become a carreer in photography. Instead of a polaroid, I received darkroom epuipment. I still have it. I have worked as a commerciial photographer in the offshore oilfields of Louisiana, been a newspaper photorgrapher at the Albuquerque Tribune and the Dallas Times Herald, freelanced advertising photography in Dallas, and photographed archaleogy projects in southern New Mexico.

Shonan Beach... Japan... go see it!!!


Also in the works is a photo essay "The Water Around Us"

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 Publication photography has been the focus since I have been here at South Padre Island, I just finished photos for two books being published locally on the history of the area, and I am currently working on a book about Emelia Castillo (a silver designer in Taxco, Mexico who shows exclusively at Neiman Marcus in the US).


th;is was my neighborhood in the early 70s...

not what you think: spring break 1990... driving accross the Queen Isabella causeway from South Padre I was greeted by this view... my first thought was that rubber ducky condoms had leased the lighthouse... turned out they were just killing bugs... a link to the past: the old Atchafalaya river bridge in Morgan City,La... this bridge was in our front yard (less than 100ft from our front door) in 1965 when our daughter was born... photo 1992...

visit the lost city of Atlantis

you gotta see it

 Santa Prisca..... this church was built in the mid 1600s
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