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 Hooked on:
South Padre Island, Texas

wear your hooktail Texas proudly!
Hooked on South Padre Island, Texas
Influenced by his love for South Padre Island, Texas; Amazin' Walter designed the "Hooktail Texas" in 1980 and makes jewelry and other items displaying his design. It is also know as the Sons of the Beach symbol.

 The Hooktail Texas
copyright: Amazin' Walter

Available in a variety of styles, functions, and sizes, with designs cut out of them or plain vanilla.... starting at $15.00... no budget is too large....


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GOLD!... the popular hooktail (copyright: Amazin' Walter) with buterfly loops for the chain, the Sandcastle design by Sandyfeet (copyright sandyfeet)... $200 each... they're larger than this...

the "Lone Star Heart Flush" (copyright: Amazin' Walter) this size in 14k yellow gold is $95

"Hooktail Bangle Ring" Two sizes of tiny hooktails... 1/2" and 3/8"... thats a dime in the photo... they are tiny... small w/simple band $25.00 ... fancy band &/or larger hooktail $30 & $35...

photos by: GTB Photos

This is a very large keychain with the sandcastle hooktail hand cut by Amazin' Walter...2" and made of 12 ga. sterling silver $125.00
sterling split ring

The latest version of the Hooktail... "The Stars At Night" $75 for the smaller $95 for the larger one (2" x 12ga.)

It's a Padre Perch!

Caution... you could get "hooked"
on South Padre Island, Texas

 One of a kind designs by Amazin' Walter

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