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 name the players.... if anyone is out there... this is the charter members group photo... who can put names to this motley crew?


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  blondes have more fun!


Joe "Jo-eee The Clown" Turman (left) & Mrs. Clown (of Clowns & Company), President & First Lady of Ring 269

call 956 682 9737 for information about meeting location and time....
RING 269 BRAGS!!!!


 Congratulations! Oscar Munoz!... winner "Gold Cups" 1999
The Gold Cups Award!!!!

Thats right... Ring 269s representative Oscar Munoz has taken the big one!...

Up Close and Personal, Close-Up Page... click!

It's not an illusion... Best School Performer in Texas!... click here!

The Spectacular World of Oscar Munoz!... click here!


Meet me at Merlins in McAllen!

  RING 269 IS PROUD to have George Robinson of Viking Manufacturing as our program chairman... please check out Vikings home page @ http://www.vikingmagic.com/

Congratulations to Harlingens newest magic store Merlins Magic Shop at the mall in Harlingen

and NOW!..... there's also a Merlins Magic Shop in McAllen



Congratulations!: OSCAR MUNOZ

NOV. '97... It was reported in the Ring 269 report that our own Oscar Munoz won first place in the Parlor/Stage competition at the TAOM convention in Ft Worth,Tx.

 Linking Ring magazine

Thank you Phil Wilmarth

 December, 1997. The International Brotherhood of Magicians, chose Amazin' Walter McDonald for the cover story of The Linking Ring,

 Amazin' Walter is a charter member of Ring 269: the Rio Grande Magic Club.

Silly Clown

see his clownpage...click here

Jesse Esquivel

 Read about Jesse Esquivel, IBM ring 269 member, in the Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas.


 white rabbit

 it's time to follow the rabbit don't get lost... tell 'em you found 'em at amazin' walter's ring 269 place.... thanks...


Meet Bryan DeanToder at About.com... http://magic.about.com/



 Meet Magician Mandar Patil and his lovely wife and assistant Manada... performers in India, President of the IBM Ring there and a manufacturer of magic supplies... check out his website at http://www.angelfire.com/ma2/patmagic

  DID YOU HEAR??????

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