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 Amazin' Walter
The South Padre Island Parade of Lights...2000
 heartfelt"If laughter is the best medicine... Amazin' Walter's a brain surgeon!!!" ..anonymous

Captain Clown!
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 the balloon guy
Amazin' Walter
humble genius


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 In the family.

Meet Christy the Clown

 In Center Ring
Run away to the circus with Amazin' Walter



do you know why cannibals don't eat clowns?

they taste funny!!!

aw will go to key west w/amazin' walter starshoes

Rio Grande Valley Magic Club!
The International Brotherhood of Magicians ring 269 Harlingen, Texas. click here.

 Oscar Munoz wins IBM Gold Cups...click here!

Jesse in the newspape


 king swords
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 [sandcastle wizard] Grand Poohbah, Sons of the Beach!  Christy the Clown!
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